Photographs from Lake Tahoe

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Lake Tahoe, California  [View All]

Thunderstorm over Tahoe  Clear Lake Tahoe  View from top of the pier  Tahoe Cedar  Elizabeth and David on the paddle boat  Marianne at Hacienda del Lago  The Thompsons at Harrah  Speeding over Tahoe  A nice house with Eagle Rock in the background  Mountains over Tahoe  Mike  Ribli estate next to Sunnyside  Sunnyside Resort  Shane and Jackie  Entrance to Meeks Bay  John relaxing in the boat  Jackie and grandson on the boat  Lake Tahoe water  Our beach at Shadowland  Pier at sunset  Sunset over Tahoe  Rocks and mountains in front of Secret Harbor  Rocks in front of Secret Harbor  John at Secret Harbor  Beach at Secret Harbor  Mt. Rose ski area  John with Reno in the background  Ski lift at Mt. Rose  John enjoying summer skiing in sandals - he even has a ski pass  Overlook on Mt. Rose highway  Scenic vistas of Tahoe  East shore at Tahoe 

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