Photographs from Naxos

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Naxos, Greece  [View All]

Naxos hora  Doorway of Temple of Appollo  Doorway of Temple of Appollo  Naxos hora as seen from the Temple of Appollo  The interior  View from halfway up Mt. Zas  John at the top of Mt. Zas  Scenery near top of Mt. Zas  Mt. Zas, the highest point in the Cycladic islands  Road to Azala Beach  Azala Beach, small round marble stones  Azala Beach  Town of Filoti and Mt. Zas in background  Venetian fortress  Road back to hora  Greek salad, enjoyed at small roadside restaurant on way back to hora.  Sunset as seen from the roof of my pension  Donkey near Kastraki Beach  Aliko Beach  John at Cape Katomeri  Motorbike at Cape Katomeri after following long single track trail  Temple of Appollo at sunset  Venetian house near Galini  Venetian house near Moni Faneromenis on way to Apollon  Kouros near Appollon  Appollon beach front  View south west from mountains near Apollon  Rugged road near Apollon  Emery mines near Lionas  Lionas bay  Lionas bay  Kironos  Kouros near Melanes  Byzantine church  Countryside near Dimitras temple  Countryside near Dimitras temple  Countryside near Dimitras temple  Small chapel near Dimitras temple  Waterfront in hora  Greek salad enjoyed at restaurant buried in labrynth of old town streets  Temple of Appollo at night 

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